The Unknown Fort, Éditions du Lévrier, 1965

Version anglaise du volume "Le Fort Saint-Jean, Les Éditions du Lévrier, 1965"

For centuries, the Richelieu River served as the main route of communication between the territories of the Province of Quebec in Canada, and the states of Vermont. New York, Massachussetts and New Hampshire in the United States. For a long time, this fact gave to this tributary of the Saint-Lawrence River a prime stragegic importance; meanwhile, it gave rise also to numerous forts, Sorel, Chambly, Sainte-Thérèse, Saint-Jean, Ile-aux-Noix and Sainte-Anne.

Because they were often exposed to the same events, these forts differ little from that of the others. However, despite this general assertion, it is undeniable that Fort Saint-Jean has a unique history. It is not only one of the forts that has survived and has played an active military role up to the present day, but it has also influenced national as well as local history. This is what the author of these pages vividly and skillfully presents.












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